Who We Are : Testimonials

During the final days of Mother's life, she spoke of a strange and vivid dream, in which she foresaw herself laid out at her funeral. She reassured us not to worry, for in the dream she was pleased, and it was peaceful.

We wish to convey our utmost appreciation for the wonderful service you provided. From the way her body was beautifully prepared, to the absolutely stunning floral arrangements. Mother would have been most pleased.

The Schroeder Family

We wanted to sincerely thank you for all the care and concern shown to us in regards to our Mom. All your staff made us feel so at ease and quite comfortable with every step of the journey. For this, we are most grateful.

The Kathe Family

We know you were just doing your job, but my family and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making Mom's visitation and funeral special. Mom touched the hearts of everyone she met. You touched our hearts when you treated us like family. Taking care that every detail was right, from makeup to Mass cards. Thank you so much for printing the Virgin Mary Mass cards for us and reprinting and laminating them. You did a great job and made us feel special and we wanted you to know.

The Pisker Family

Thank you all so much for the wonderful service and personal attention my Mother received. You were all so kind, thoughtful and respectful during this difficult time in our lives. It meant so much to our entire family!

The Koziol Family

Marcus, Thanks so much for the wonderful job you all did for Steve's wake and funeral. I really appreciated the fact that I didn't have to do anything -- you did it all. What nice people to have at such a bad time for me.


From our first meeting with you and Marc on the morning of mom's death, I knew we had chosen a funeral home that would provide us support in every way possible. My Dad died nearly five years ago and we used a different funeral home. The two experiences could not have been more different. You, and everyone we worked with at Countryside, were amazing. The staff went out of their way in so many ways. There is so much to do between the death of a loved one and their services that it can be overwhelming. Mary was so helpful in finding the song for my mom's dvd. It was s detail that I had over-looked. Mary helped me decide which song and then took it upon herself to find a cd that contained the song. If she hadn't done that, I would have had to run home and return with my Ipod or buy the cd. She helped me to avoid adding one more thing to my very long "to do" list. Donna stayed for the wake and guided us through the process. She was welcoming to all of our family and friends and she made sure that there was food out for our family. While we know that my mother's passing was imminent, there were questions we hadn't asked her. You were so helpful in addressing these questions after she died. You all accepted us for who we are and were not judgmental about our need to use humor as a coping mechanism. People tell others to call if you need anything many times. For some it is a habit and they actually would prefer if you didn't call with questions. Not only did you all offer help, but you did so with loving hearts. Since my mother was interred at Lincoln National Cemetery, I was surprised and thankful that Countryside woud bring her ashes and assist us in the final component of the process. My father is also interred at Lincoln National Cemetery, but when he died, we had to pick up his remains and take them to Joliet. I am so thankful for all that you have done for us. Thank you for treating us with respect and with loving hearts. I want you to know that we have shared our positive experience with many people. With God's grace, we won't have to use a funeral home again for a long time. When the day comes, though, we will absolutely use your services again. May God Bless you always. Thank you again for making a difficult time something we could manage.

The Conrin-Neybert Family

I have to appreciate all you did for me and my family in handling the arrangements for Ray. I can tell that you are a very compassionate and tender hearted man who treated Ray and us with dignity and respect. I could tell, too, that you have a genuine interest in the life of the deceased; that he is more than just another body. And that is why I feel that you put your whole soul into seeing that we find some peace and comfort in our final good-byes. May God Reward You!

Mary Boksa

We are grateful to you for your care and assistance to us in making the final arrangements for our Mother. You were perceptive in sensing that it was best to prepare her for those who might want to see her. She was beautifully presented - natural, a smile on her lips, with a simple top she would have liked very much. We also are thankful for your help in making final burial arrangements that handled our last minute change of understanding and wishes. Those of us who accompanied my mother's casket into the crematoria to respect and witness her final wishes thank you for the opportunity to do so. We are very glad we selected you for this final stage in our mother's life.

The family of Jean Shannon

We want to thank you for your deep care for our family during this time of our loss. To our family, you have touched our hearts. You showed respect and professionalism throughout everything related to Dad's wake and funeral. Again,you have been a special part of our lives. We will never forget you!

The Berry family

Thank you for your wonderful support in helping us through such a difficult period.In meeting with you,discussing with you,joking with you and sharing with you-I am most definitely assured that we have chosen the BEST PLACE to have the service.We appreciate all of your help and gentle guidance in organizing things for us.

The Condon Family